EcoPackUSA’s premier paper baking molds for the traditional Colomba di Pasqual. The Easter counterpart to Christmas Panetonne, this sweet Italian cookie takes the form of the dove, a symbol of peace. Eaten in Italy during the weeks of the holiday, Colomba are a beloved tradition that goes back to the twelfth century. Though the origin of these sweet birds is debated, particularly between the Milanese and Pavia versions, the Milanese story is more commonly accepted. During the Battle of the Legano, it was said that two white doves flew onto the altar of the chariot that carried the standards of the Lombard League, who had just won defeated Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The doves were said to symbolize the Holy Ghost, and the Colomba commemorates that event and is a symbol of victory.
This festive EcoPack baking mold is constructed from corrugated paper, making it rigid and durable.


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