Bone-Guard MB-7 Meat Packaging

Gain absolute freshness and quality preservation with our bone-in shrink bags. These bags are a specialty product that we offer for excellent meatpackaging. From premium fresh meat package your product with our most effective and highest quality shrink-wrap bag today. Our clear, gloss bags are formulated to shrink tightly and safely to any meat or cheese product for your restaurant supply needs. These bags are puncture resistant, multi-layered vacuum seal bags that keep in freshness and prevent products from going bad. Premiere food packaging is proud to offer these bone-guard products in large sizes for specialty packaging needs. The Benefits of our Bone Guard MB-7 Shrink Wrap Bags Our bags offer compete bone-in protection for any meat packaging need. This means that your products will be protected fully for transportation, freezing, and much more. Unlike weaker bags that easily can be broken, these shrink bags offer complete shrink, which means they will create tighter packages and leave less air for high-shrink, skintight fit. This optimizes the food packaging appearance and can have a positive effect on your company and product. We offer a wide selection of bakery supply options and more to help you. Call Premiere Food Packaging Today Premiere food packaging distributes truly top of the linevacuum seal bags. Our shrink-wrap bags shrink down very tight and can preserve your restaurant products for very extended period of times. Our cheese and meat packaging has a medium barrier (MB) in stock that can create a great amount of product protection while also enhancing it visually. Our fully range of sizes and shrink-wrap bag products are great for any restaurant supply needs. To place an order for Bone Guard MB-7 shrink-wrap bags, contact us right away and place your order.